3 ways to make your Gmail account safer through Gmail support

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Do you think that your Gmail account is safe?

Does your password is strong enough to secure your account?

Do you know how you can keep your Gmail account safer?

If you think that keeping your Gmail account secure with a password is the best way you can avoid hacking or unauthorized access then you are wrong. This is not enough to secure your Gmail account.

Your Gmail account has many of your associated accounts includes Google+, YouTube, Play Store and more. If you lose your password or any way your Gmail account got hacked then you connected accounts could be in serious threat.

Use 2-step verification settings

Gmail introduced this add security feature with your account. Now your account is more secure, all you is to enable 2-step verification settings by clicking on this link https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=accountsettings&passive=1209600&osid=1&continue=. Just sign-in and follow instructions; you can set up it easily.

Change password and make it stronger

Password of your Gmail account needs to be strong enough so one cannot guess it easily. Your password should be a combination of number, letter, and symbols for better protection. We also recommend to changing your password after 2-3 months so it will be difficult to hack.

Use Google Prompt to access account

This is really an amazing way to keep your Gmail account safe and protected. You can keep your account safe in one of most convenient way; all you need to enable this from your Gmail account. Once you enable it; it works like wonder.

When you sign-in Gmail using a password; it will send a push notification on your registered mobile number that “Trying to sign in from another computer? No or Yes.” If this is you, then tap on Yes else No. You can get the clue as someone has access to your Gmail password so immediately change it.

These are the 3 ways to keep your Gmail account protected and secure. If you find any problem setting up security with your Gmail account then you can call our Contact Gmail customer service support 1-800 number and get instant help. We are the third-party service provider for Gmail account and give the best solution for your all queries.

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