Manage, Add or Remove Email Address in Yahoo Mail

Add, Manage or Remove Email Address in Yahoo Mail

With Yahoo Mail account, now you will no more need to sign out and sign into different email accounts. Yahoo Mail lets you add multiple email addresses to your Yahoo Mail account – be it another Yahoo Mail account or any third-party email addresses. Once added, you can access all these email accounts easily using a single Yahoo Mail account. To know how to connect and manage other email addresses in Yahoo Mail account, follow the guide mentioned below:

Connect Another Email to Your Yahoo Mail Account

1.) Move your mouse cursor to the gear icon located on the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail page and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

2.) Under Settings, select Accounts option and click on Add another mailbox option.

3.) Now, simply enter the email address and click Add mailbox.

4.) Enter the password for the account which you are adding in the pop-up window that appears on the screen.

5.) Follow the instruction in the pop-up windows and click Done, and then Save to complete the process.

Manage Added Email Account in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo lets you edit name, reply-to-address, description, or signature of an email account in Yahoo Mail. This is how you can manage details of your added email account.

1.) Go to the Settings option and click on Accounts tab.

2.) Choose the account from the list which you want to edit.

3.) Then, you can make changes to the name, description, reply-to-address, or signature accordingly.

4.) Click Save when you are done making changes.

Sending and Receiving Emails from Other Email Accounts

Sending Email

Any email account which you would have added to your Yahoo Mail account will appear in the top-left menu. To send an email from added account, simply select the account from the top-left menu and click Compose.

Receiving Email

To check received emails in the added email account, simply locate the name of your other email account in the navigation column on the left-hand side. There you will be able to find the list of new emails next to the account name. Just click on the account and the inbox view will change accordingly.

Remove Added Email Account from your Yahoo Mail Account

1.) Go to the Settings option and select Accounts option.

2.) Now, select the Account from the list which you want to remove.

3.) Click Remove mailbox after selecting the email account and then click Remove mailbox again to confirm.

So this is how, you can easily add, manage, and remove email account in your Yahoo Mail account for any further information contact Yahoo email online support number and speak with email expertise.

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