How You’ll Report A Problem With Google Mail?

When having an issue with your Gmail account, you can get support for your problem by reporting it to the Google. Generally, Gmail support is available for problems that prevent you from accessing your account. If you are having a problem accessing or logging into your Gmail account, you can report about it to Google by following the below-mentioned steps.

Report Gmail Problem to Get Helped

Steps to Report a Problem in Google Mail

1.) When facing any problem in your Gmail account, start by checking the status of Gmail via link

2.) If the status of the Gmail showing no issue with the service, you can visit the Gmail Help Site via link

3.) At Gmail Help page, you will see a list of multiple topics with solutions.

4.) Select the appropriate topic as per your problem. For example – if you are unable to log into your account, click on the topic – Can’t sign in to your Google Account.

5.) Clicking on the relevant topic will direct you next page where you will get appropriate help for your issue. Follow the troubleshooting steps provided on that page and you will be able to resolve the problem with your Gmail account.

6.) Other than that, you can click on the HELP FORUM option located on the upper-right corner of the Gmail Help page to find assistance for your problem. In the HELP FORUM, you can also post a question for your problem and other users will help you fix the problem in your account.

NOTE: In order to post your question, you will need to sign in with your Gmail address and password.

7.) In case you are not registered with GOOGLE HELP, you can enter your desired Forum name under USERNAME. Go through the Forum Terms of Service and then click Accept and continue.

8.) Simply enter the short description of your problem under Question field and type your Gmail help request in the large text field. If you want, you can provide more details about your problem that might be helpful (not information such as your password) under Details.

9.) Choose the relevant category for your issue under Categories and click on the POST button to submit your query.

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