Recover Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password

Forgot Yahoo Mail Password

Have you wondered what you are going to do if you forgot your Yahoo id? Or you forgot the password and looking to regain the access with the help of security questions? Take a chill pill! As Yahoo has the fix for you in regards to the situations mentioned above.

Steps to Recover Yahoo Password

  • Log on to
  • Click on “Trouble Signing in
  • Provide the Yahoo email address and click on “continue
  • Verify the mobile number by filling up the correct missing digits.
  • Enter the security code sent to your mobile device.
  • Update the password.

Yahoo is no more supporting the security question to protect your account. Yahoo recommends that you should disable the security questions and switched to another medium to protect your account like Two Step Verification or Yahoo Account Key.  Security questions are not anymore an option to recover your account. Now, it is mandatory to update the mobile number or an existing email address to recover the account.

If you have already updated a mobile number and an email address, it might be possible the security question has already been removed during the process.  If the security questions are still there it would be better to remove them as Yahoo isn’t offering any support and if in the case you forget the answers for security questions then, it would be impossible to regain the access.

Steps to disable the security questions:

  • Log on to your Yahoo Account.
  • Go to the “Account Setting” and choose “Account Security
  • Click on “Disable security questions
  • Now, click on”Yes, secure my account.”
  • Press “Continue

Forgot Username:

If you have updated mobile number as well as an existing email for the recovery of your Yahoo account already, then it is possible to find the Yahoo id. If you haven’t updated anything at all then it is impossible to find the Yahoo id.

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