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Safety comes first and that goes with your Gmail account too. Your Gmail is protected with password but it is always on the threat of losing password or account hacking. Before some misfortune happen why not increase the safety and keep it more secure.

You can keep the security higher using these safety tips of Gmail technical Support.

Complete a security checkup – You can easily check whether your Gmail is secure or not. Here you can get added security by adding account recovery options and enable 2-step verification too.

Strong password – When your Gmail’s password is weak then you can imagine how weaker will be security too. Always prefer a stronger password with a combination of number, letters and special symbols which is safer from hacking.

Review Gmail setting – You should check your Gmail account setting for security reasons. We are covering all possible security tips for various devices including computer, Android mobile phone, iPhone and iPad too.

See, how we can do that. Start with a browser and then open your Gmail. You need to understand that you can’t check these settings from the Gmail app so sign-in using browser. Now from the top right, click/tap on Settings. Then click/tap on the tabs below to check your settings.

On General tab

  • First you need to check your signature to confirm the text looks correct
  • Afterward check your auto vacation responder to confirm the text looks correct and if it isn’t turned on if you don’t need it to be

On Accounts & Import tab

  • First check “Send mail as” to confirm all the email addresses listed belong to you or not
  • Now you need to check “Grant access to your account” to make sure that no unknown people have access to your account
  • Afterward make sure “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)” to check all the email addresses listed belong to you

On Filters & Blocked Addresses tab

  • In this tab, you need to figure out that mail isn’t being automatically forwarded to an unknown account using a “Forward to” filter, remove it if needed
  • And also make sure that any filters that automatically delete messages (“Delete it“) were set up by you

Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab

  • Now make sure that your messages aren’t being forwarded to an any unknown account
  • Also check that your POP or IMAP settings are correct or not

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